Cory Mackey makes it three consecutive victories by blowing away the competition in the SRHF1 2020 United States Grand Prix. The Ferrari driver took Pole Position, Fastest Lap, and First Place.

Both Championships are yet to be decided with Ezequiel Montero unable to secure his 3rd title in this event but very likely to happen at the next race. Acosta sits 42 points behind Montero and needs a miracle at this point. On the Constructures side, Ferrari extended their lead to 28 points over Alfa Romeo.

Here are the official results of the SRHF1 2020 United States Grand Prix:

SRHF1 2020 18 USA P

SRHF1 2020 18 USA Q

SRHF1 2020 18 USA R

SRHF1 2020 18 USA S