German Grand Prix

Formula 1 2015
 Registration Closed
Date: Thursday, 16 July 2015

Venue: Nurburgring  |  City: Nürburg, Germany


Germany Requirements 

Fastest laps in red are above the required 107% from the average of the top 3 fastest laps.

Completed laps in red are bellow the required 25 laps.

Drivers in green are clear to race up to this point.


Results Practice
Germany Practice Results


Driver Substitutions For This Race
In Out Team
Richard Walcott Jay Knight Force India
Jesse Strider Josh Endo Marussia
- Mukund  Mistry Marussia


Qualifying Results
Germany Qualifying Results


Unofficial Race Results
Germany Race Unofficial Results


Results Incidents
Incident Involving Time Outcome Rule Status
 Velazco (Toro Rosso) - Ventura (Ferrari) 228.2 It was concluded that Ventura (Ferrari) had already lost control of the car prior to the contact with Velazco (Toro Rosso) - No Further Action
Campisciano (Ferrari) - Haynie (McLaren) 687.6 Campisciano (Ferrari) to start from pits next race for causing irreparable damage to Haynie (McLaren). 7.3 Confirmed
Schwaab (Sauber) - Harto (Caterham) 3153.0 Although Schwaab (Sauber) hits Harto (Caterham), it appears that there was a great loss of moment going out of the turn which ultimately led Schwaab to hit him without much time to avoid the incident. 6.4 No Further Action
Mola (Mercedes) - R. Bianco (Williams) 4683.5 Although Mola (Mercedes) was guilty for making Bianco (Williams) spin, he will only receive a warning since he gave back the position. - Confirmed
Strider (Marussia) 4854.6 +20 seconds for crossing the pit exit line. 6.13.1 Confirmed


Official Race Results
Germany Race Official Results


* Points not awarded because driver did not complete 75% of the race distance.

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List of Participants

Keyter Bautista (1)
Sean Higgins (1)
Janos Magasrevy (1)
Johan Mola (1)
Sam Steffy (1)
Daniel Velazco (1)
Franco Bianco (1)
Samuel Campisciano (1)
Jesse Strider (1)
Otto Acosta (1)
Roberto Bianco (1)
Richard Haynie (1)
Cory Mackey (1)
Glen Thomas (1)
Mat Harto (1)
Ezequiel Daniel Montero (1)
Andrea Ventura (1)
Jacobo Cardozo (1)
Argenis Riera (1)
Leandro Schwaab (1)
Richard Walcott (1)