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We'll first populate the list of candidate drivers and then we'll have a separate discussion for the team selection process after the Winter Series is over.

Remember that the races are on Thursdays at 9:30PM United States Eastern Time.

Argenis Riera managed to get a second victory before finishing the 2018 season. The Venezuelan also obtained another Pole Position and started alongside Antenor Junior after Ezequiel Montero had to serve a 10-grid spot penalty from Brazil.

The start of the race was nowhere near what we saw just a week ago in Brazil with all 16 cars going through smoothly through the first couple of turns. From there on it was Riera who pulled away but the battle for third place in the Teams Championship was on. Acosta was close behind Riera and Haynie just ahead of Magasrevy. This would last for almost the entire race when on lap 40 things started going downhill for Williams when a brake problem was reported on car number 57 belonging to Richard Haynie. He dropped from 4th to 8th in a few laps with Magasrevy overtaking him but still, the gap wasn't enough to pass Williams in the championship. It was on lap 44 when Haynie fell down to 10th and Magasrevy was just 1 point shy from getting that crucial place for Force India. Antenor Junior was just ahead of Janos Magasrevy with 3 laps to go but on lap 54 the Brazilian made a small mistake at the exit of turn 11 and the Force India driver capitalized, at that point, Force India moved ahead of Williams for 3rd in the Championship by a single point.

The race ended with Riera on top by 13 seconds over Acosta and Georgiev in 3rd 56 seconds behind the leader.

This wrapped up what was a dominating year by Ezequiel Montero with 13 wins, 12 Pole Positions, 17 podium finishes, and 707 laps lead. Certainly, a feat that will be very tough to beat in the future.

The average grid size increased by 0.1 from 2017 which is a positive change. We also saw fierce competition in the midfield and, for a short period, at the top with Montero, Mackey, and Angelone all fighting for wins at the beginning of the season.

We also saw new faces that stuck around and showed great performance, such as Ivan Georgiev, Benny Fascelli, Roberto Scime, Jeff Oppenheim, Adam Freitas, Theodoros Eziroglou, Daniel Sara, and lastly, Antenor Junior.

The next Winter Series is shaping up to be another great one with numerous fast drivers, for now, here's the list of those that were able to make it in the top 14 and secure a seat for 2019:

  1. Ezequiel Montero
  2. Cory Mackey
  3. Otto Acosta
  4. Richard Haynie
  5. Sean Higgins
  6. Jacobo Cardozo
  7. Richard Walcott
  8. Darren Fisher
  9. Ivan Georgiev
  10. Dave Carney
  11. Argenis Riera
  12. Benny Fascelli
  13. Roberto Scime
  14. Alejandro Sanabria

This was surely a long year that started back in January with the 2018 Winter Series, some drivers haven't stopped racing since then, for now, it is time to take a well-deserved break from the cockpit.

See you again next year when we do it all over again, for our 5th consecutive season, so long everyone!

Cory Mackey emerged the winner of a rather chaotic SRHF1 2018 Brazilian Grand Prix. Riera lead the way in Qualifying when he obtained the Pole Position by 194 thousands of a second ahead of Montero. The start of the race saw Montero diving into turn 1 to take the lead from Riera but his braking point was rather too long and he had to go over the grass only to rejoin the track in an unsafe manner and take out Riera and Mackey at the front. Chaos unfolded from that point on as multiple cars collided and were forced to take a trip down the pit-lane for new wings.

After a number of laps, the field settled down and a nice fight for the lead started to unfold with Mackey holding off Riera all the way to the end of the race for a 6-second gap victory. Richard Haynie came in a remarkable third place 34 seconds from the lead while his teammate Acosta put up a fantastic recovery from last place after colliding at the start and finishing up in 4th. With that result, Williams exteded their advantage over Sahara Force India for third place in the Teams Championship.

Which team will end up third? We'll find out in just three days time when we head for the final round of the season at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi!

Final round of the SRHF1 2018 Championship from the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Round 20 of the SRHF1 2018 Championship from the Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace in Sao Paulo, Brazil.