- Sasha McHenry

- Keyter Bautista

- Cory Mackey

- Glyn Cooper

- Deuce Michaels

- Darren Fisher

- Renato Romero

- Samuel Campisciano

- John Cook

- Craig Hunter

Today, we heard breaking news, Johan Mola, who had a contract with Red Bull, will not be able to fulfill the seat for the entire season, therefore, he is withdrawing his participation for 2017. This means that Tyler Toon, who finished in 11th place in the Winter Series, will now have a seat for the year.

The rest of the drivers that could not secure a seat, don't give up, we have our partner league FiHSF1, which is actively looking for drivers, so we encourage you to race there on Mondays. We will be using the same mod and tracks throughout the year to facilitate inter-league racing. Also, there is always a chance to get a seat on an on-demand basis if you continue practicing with us and showing interest.

Let the team selection continue and we'll see you again for Round 1 of the SRHF1 2017 season from Melbourne, Australia, on March 23rd!