Cory Mackey just took a big chunk of points away from his teammate to get 23 points closer in the Championship fight after a win in Singapore.

The Ferrari driver now made it 4 wins this season after chaos started to unfold in the hot and humid night of the SRHF1 2019 Singapore Grand Prix. The race was plagued by multiple retirements, only 8 out of 18 cars made it to the chequered. The most common cause of retirement was engine and brake failures. It looks as if the teams did not expect the temperatures to be so at night and decided to run slightly smaller cooling ducts. This proved costly for many, especially for the Mercedes team as they had a double retirement even though they led for a big part of the race with Montero leading 35 laps and Riera 13.

It was Mackey who took advantage of all this and drove a cautious and controller race to take home the victory. Richard Walcott was once again on the podium in second place, capitalizing from other's mistakes while Darren Fisher secured 3rd.

Here are the entire official results for the SRHF1 2019 Singapore Grand Prix:

SRHF1 2019 15 SGP P

SRHF1 2019 15 SGP Q

SRHF1 2019 15 SGP R

SRHF1 2019 15 SGP S