In a controversial move, the Mercedes team filed a complaint against unofficial race winner Ivan Georgiev for exceeding track limits throughout the SRHF1 2019 British Grand Prix.

The complaint included 26 times where the Ferrari driver exceeded the limits of which 21 were admitted by the SRH Management. In a similar fashion, the Italian team complained about Montero's abuse of the track limits as well, only that the Argentinian did so for 6 times. There were 5 excursions off track counted as errors while the rest received 0.3s per infraction. This ultimately ended in a 4.8-second penalty for Georgiev which after having crossed the line just 7 tenths ahead of Montero, demoted him to second place.

It was nonetheless a fantastic race with Georgiev going for the win on a last lap attempt after passing Montero at turn 16 on the outside. Both drivers collided after what was ruled a race incident. The Ferrari driver crossed the line ahead of Montero by just 7 tenths after having waited for him after the collision.

Here are the entire official results for the SRHF1 2019 British Grand Prix:

SRHF1 2019 10 GBR P

SRHF1 2019 10 GBR Q

SRHF1 2019 10 GBR R

SRHF1 2019 10 GBR S