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Official mod of the SRHF1 2019 Season.


Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cs7b1z8h0dcch8f/SRHF1_2019_v1.0.1.rfcmp?dl=0

Originally made by: ASR, modified by SimRacingHub (http://www.simracinghub.com) and FiHS (http://www.fihsf1.net).
Last Updated: 5/April/2019
Version: 1.0.1
Size: 803MB

Technical Specifications found on page 3 of this thread.

Revision History:

Version 1.0.1 - 5/April/2019:
- Improved gearbox final drive
- Reduced radiator cooling and increased water cooling
- Brought back lateral weight adjustment
- Slightly increased DRS effect
- Changed the way radiator and brake duct cooling is displayed on the setup page so that it's more intuitive
- Adjusted default gearbox ratios
- Updated driver lineup

Version 1.0.0 - 13/March/2019:
- Added SRHF1 team
- Added league drivers
- Added all team icons
- Reduced radiator settings to 10
- Extended 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gears
- Changed default tire pressures from 115kpa to 105kpa
- Changed brake response curve to start fading at 1200C instead of 1300C
- Reduced brake wear rate
- Changed default rev limiter from 13000 to 12800 RPM
- Increased water minimum cooling to avoid the engine from failing too soon while stationary
- Reduced radiator cooling
- Changed engine lifetime RPM range
- Changed engine lifetime oil temperature range
- Reduced engine life from 8400 to 7200 seconds

Version 0.9.9 - 3/March/2019:
- Removed unnecessary vehicle class from VEH files so that CrewChief plugin reports correct information
- Adjusted T-Cam further so that halo is not in the way of view
- Reduced fuel tank from 140L to 135L
- Increased Front ARB range from 150 to 250 N/mm
- Increased steering lock range to accommodate for Monaco
- Locked Gearbox ratios
- Reduced impulse at which the rear wing detaches from 5000 to 4000
- Reduced impulse at which the wheels detach from 5000 to 3000
- Increased the chance that a wheel detaches from 40% to 75% when detachment impulse is achieved
- Removed shortest final drive

Version 0.9.0 - 24/February/2019:
- Changed default rev limit from 12500 to 13000
- Moved center position up and forward for Cockpit view
- Lowered and moved slightly forward T-Cam view
- Removed lateral weight distribution adjustment
- Increased random tire change delay during pitstops from 1.2s to 2.0s
- Changed front wing adjustment range from 1-51 degrees to 5-50 degrees
- Added one more level of brake duct (Fully Open)
- Front Anti-roll Bar (ARB) is no longer detachable
- Changed ARB adjustment range and increment from 0-152 N/mm 2.5 N/mm increments (front) 12-151 N/mm 1.4 N/mm increment (rear) to 10-150 N/mm 5 N/mm increments both front and rear ARB
- Changed front 3rd spring adjustment range from 34-414 N/mm to 30-400 N/mm
- Changed rear 3rd spring adjustment range from 43-514 N/mm with 12.4 N/mm increments to 30-500 N/mm with 10 N/mm increments
- Added one more level to dampers (fast and slow)
- Changed brake pressure range from 56-100% to 50-100%
- Changed front spring range from 34-414 N/mm with 10 N/mm increments to 60-250 N/mm with 5 N/m increments
- Changed rear spring range from 20-267 N/mm with 6.5 N/mm increments to 30-120 N/mm with 5 N/mm increments
- Lowered front brake heating
- Increased rear brake heating

Version 0.8.0 - 6/February/2019:
- Adjusted T-Cam view to point more towards the sky
- Raised Mercedes' steering wheel
- Changed fuel range to 2018 values
- Adjusted engine mixture and MGU-H boost to 2018 values
- Increased engine max revs to 13000
- Increased engine life from 7400 seconds to 8400 with a 1000 seconds variant
- Enabled onboard engine brake mapping adjustment
- Adjusted front and rear wing aero parameters so that drag has more impact
- Increased body's base drag coefficient
- Adjusted brake disc failure to 2018 values
- Increased the amount of impulse necessary to detach the rear wing after a collision

Version 0.0.7 - 31/January/2019:
- Initial clean build.

[b]Older versions:[/b

1.0.0 - Released 13/March/2019 - Download
0.9.9 - Released 3/March/2019 - Download
0.9.0 - Released 24/February/2019 - Download
0.8.0 - Released 6/February/2019 - Download
0.0.7 - Released 31/January/2019 - Download
Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
are there templates for this mod? really enjoy it, great work!
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Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
are there templates for this mod? really enjoy it, great work!

I tried looking for templates but didn't find them. I ended up painting my own team "SRHF1".
Janos Magasrevy
SRH Founder and Director
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