1. Edmundo Martinez
  2. Real Racing
  3. Tuesday, 13 March 2018
Hi again!

Like last year, I've renewed the SRH Fantasy League at FantasyGP.com, I did a lot of research again for other fantasy F1 websites and my conclusion is that FantasyGP (former BadgerGP) is the best of all, clear rules, quite enjoyable experience and exciting for competing.

This year, FantasyGP introduced some minor changes related with the UI, website, etc, making the website and the understooning of the system much more easier.

Website: https://fantasygp.com
Important info, rules, scoring system: https://fantasygp.com/about/

The SimRacingHub Fantasy League:
SimRacingHub - Passcode: 9247665

Give it a try! :p
Edmundo Martínez
SRHF1 Driver
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