1. SRH Management
  2. 2018 Season
  3. Saturday, 20 January 2018
The Team and Teammate selection shall consist of a two-phase process:


On January 23rd at 9:00PM EST (right before the Official Practice for the Winter Series Round 1), the top 14 drivers from the 2017 season's ranking will meet in SimRacingHub's official TeamSpeak server.

- Each driver will pick (or create his own) a team and teammate of his preference as long as his selection is also in the top 14 from the previous season's ranking. A driver may also opt to not pick a teammate and just pick a currently established real F1 team or create his own.

- The first pick will be given to the 2017 Drivers Champion, Ezequiel Montero. Followed by the highest-ranked driver and so on and so forth.

- Should a driver from the top 14 decide not to pick a teammate, he will have to wait until the Winter Series is over and then pick a driver from the top 8 on the Winter Series Standings at the beginning of Phase 2.

- Should a driver from the top 14 decide not to participate in the Championship, an extra seat will be made available.

- If a driver from the top 14 can't make it to the TeamSpeak meeting, he must inform Janos Magasrevy of his choices (team and teammate) and two alternatives with at least one hour prior to the start of the selection.

The following is the order in which drivers will begin their selection during this phase:

01. Ezequiel Montero
02. Argenis Riera
03. Cory Mackey
04. Otto Acosta
05. Richard Haynie
06. Edmundo Martinez
07. Richard Walcott
08. Dave Carney
09. Sean Higgins
10. Sasha McHenry
11. Deuce Michaels
12. Darren Fisher
13. Leandro Schwaab
14. Mat Harto


Starting on March 2nd and running until Sunday, March 4th at 11:59PM EST, we will continue with the team and teammate selection process in this thread.

- The drivers that finished the Winter Series Championship in the top 8 in the Standings will be automatically entered into the picking pool.

- The first pick will be given to the highest-ranked driver that took part in Phase 1 but did not pick a teammate. Followed by the winner of the Winter Series Championship, and then the runner-up, and so on and so forth.

- It is the driver's responsibility to check updates on this thread to notice his picking turn.

- Selection will be considered final once all twenty-two (22) seats have been picked.

Mark your calendars:

- Team and Teammate Selection Phase 1: Tuesday, January 23rd at 9:00PM EST
- Winter Series: From Thursday, January 25th until Thursday, March 1st
- Team and Teammate Selection Phase 2: From Friday, March 2nd, until Sunday, March 4th at 11:59PM EST

SRH Management

P.S. If you haven't mentioned your name in the entry list here: http://www.simracinghub.com/forum/2740-2018-srhf1-league-entry-list we strongly suggest you do before the start of Phase 1, especially if you are in the top 14.
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