1. Edmundo Martinez
  2. Real Racing
  3. Monday, 20 March 2017
Hello folks!

Last year, I spend a lot of time to get a fantasy league that was good, and I think BadgerGP was the one that fit what I was looking for.

This year, BadgerGP.com relaunched the fantasy with new name, new adress, and revamped UI so it's looks definitely good for us!

Website: https://fantasygp.com
Important info, rules, scoring system: https://fantasygp.com/about/

The SimRacingHub league:
SimRacingHub - Passcode: 9247665

Give it a try :D
  1. https://fantasygp.com
  2. https://fantasygp.com/about/
Edmundo Martínez
SRHF1 Driver
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Janos Magasrevy
SRH Founder and Director
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