Russian Grand Prix

Formula 1 2015
 Registration Closed
Date: Thursday, 08 October 2015

Venue: Sochi Autodrom  |  City: Sochi, Russia


Russia Requirements 

Fastest laps in red are above the required 107% from the average of the top 3 fastest laps.

Completed laps in red are bellow the required 25 laps.

Drivers in green are clear to race up to this point.


Results Practice
Japan Practice Results


Driver Substitutions For This Race
In Out Team
- Daniel Velazco Toro Rosso
- Sean Higgins Force India
- Richard Walcott Force India
- Jay Knight Marussia
- Jacobo Cardozo Williams
- Samuel Campisciano Ferrari
- Keyter Bautista Lotus
- Sam Steffy Sauber
- Mat Harto Caterham


Qualifying Results

Russia Qualifying Results


Unofficial Race Results
Russia Race Unofficial Results


Results Incidents
Incident Involving Video Time Outcome Rule Status
Argenis Riera (Red Bull)
Otto Acosta (McLaren)
Cory Mackey (Toro Rosso)
view Race Start Otto Acosta receives 20 seconds for dangerous driving. 6.4 Confirmed
Otto Acosta (McLaren)
Glen Thomas (Caterham)
Leandro Schwaab (Sauber)
view 229 Otto Acosta receives 10 grid place penalty for the next race for causing an avoidable collision. 7.2 Confirmed
Argenis Riera (Red Bull)
Cory Mackey (Toro Rosso)
view 236 Cory Mackey receives a warning for attempting to overtake while under yellow. 6.4 Confirmed
Cory Mackey (Toro Rosso)
Richard Haynie (McLaren)
view 1846 Cory Mackey receives 20 seconds for causing an avoidable collision. 7.1 Confirmed


Official Race Results
Russia Race Official Results

* Points not awarded because driver did not complete 75% of the race distance.


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List of Participants

Sean Higgins (1)
Craig Hunter (1)
Samuel Campisciano (1)
Johan Mola (1)
Janos Magasrevy (1)
Leandro Schwaab (1)
Otto Acosta (1)
Richard Haynie (1)
Ezequiel Daniel Montero (1)
Glen Thomas (1)
David Carney (1)
Franco Bianco (1)
Cory Mackey (1)
Argenis Riera (1)
Roberto Bianco (1)